Our "Crew" brings a combined 50+ years experience raising, training, and supporting Wyoming children and their families.  We believe there is strength and success in every family.  Our Family Intervention Team works hard so families feel supported to achieve their vision

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Christy Carroll

Christy  is one of the founders of Families First Wyoming(FFW) and serves as the Program Director.  She is a Certified Life Coach and Mediator and has been certified in numerous Communication Programs.  She loves working with families and youth to build success from strengths.  She has successfully worked with over 50 youth and families since October of 2013 with a special focus on youth involved with juvenile court. 

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Joee Boyer

Joee Boyer is a Communication Specialist with over 20 years of experience working with youth in the juvenile justice system -most recently as a probation officer.  Joee is a gifted communicator that specializes in teenagers and the many communication tools they utilize.  She is not afraid to say what is needed in ways that the youth she is working with "really hear."   She genuinely believes that there is something positive to focus on in every kid and adult.  Her sense of humor gives us a chance to laugh in the middle of difficult situations, and the size of her heart takes our breath away!


Lori Dickerson is the cofounder of Families First Wyoming and serves as the Executive Director of Collaborative Connections - the Non-Profit organization behind FFW.  Lori's background is in healthcare and family law so her knowledge and experience bring great vision to FFW.   Lori's amazing skills and heart for families are a strong foundation for Families First Wyoming's mission to serve our community and state.