Families First Wyoming's Family Intervention Team has worked extensively with the Juvenile Justice System in Wyoming including Municipal and District courts, Child Protection System(CPS), Child in Need of Supervision(CHINS) Petitions and Deliquincies.  Our goal is to offer youth and families support as they navigate the system including Court appearances, Multi Disciplinary Team (MDT) meetings, Foster Care, Probation, and Out of Home Placements.  Our team has years of experience that can guide and support youth and families in choices and decisions that can make the time spent in the juvenile justice system as short as possible.  We will work with all systems involved with your family and coordinate meetings and services efficiently for each family's individual needs.

It is important to note that we are not advocates - our goal is to support youth and families to advocate for themselves.  The court system can feel overwhelming and intimidating- so families can count on the team at Families First Wyoming  for support in building skills and confidence to advocate for themselves.   


Family Intervention Services

Services are customized and  will be designed with a Team of Specialists for each family served.   Services may include but are not limited to:

  • Concentrate on spending time with children and family members to identify strengths and understand family dynamic and culture to find the best sustainable support for them.

  • Empower children and family to work with Treatment Team members

  • Support Education & Employment Goals for all family members

  • Link the family with systems for sustainable support

  • Provide limited scheduled transportation – and work to find sustainable solutions for transportation needs.  

  • Identify Strengths and support building skills for all family members

  • Coordinate and facilitate Treatment Team meetings and family meetings as requested by team

  • Submit monthly status report on goals set with Family and Treatment Team to Guardian ad Litem, DFS

  • Child and Adult Assessments given Month One, Month Six, Month Twelve and submitted to Guardian ad Litem and DFS

  • Uphold and Follow all Rules set by the Court and Wyoming State Statutes